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New Zealand military team recovers 6 more bodies after White Island volcano eruption, pushing death toll to 14The volcano's continued venting previously delayed plans by authorities to recover the bodies. Scientists believe another eruption is possible.

Hong Kong police slip on banana peel with tear gas tweetHong Kong's much-maligned police force has slipped on a banana peel by trying to make light of its liberal use of tear gas during the territory's protest movement. Respondents to the post called it crass and some, in turn, posted videos of Hong Kong police's actions, which protesters say has been excessive.

Senior China diplomat says U.S. seriously damaged hard-won mutual trustSenior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi said on Friday that the United States had seriously damaged the hard-won mutual trust between the countries by criticizing Beijing over issues such as Hong Kong and the treatment of Muslim Uighurs. "Such behavior is almost paranoid, and is indeed rare in international exchanges, seriously damaging the hard-won foundation of mutual trust between China and the United States, and seriously weakening the United States' international credibility," said State Councillor Wang.

Trump has begun 2024 campaign and is eligible to serve third term, senior Republican saysFormer Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee says he has been "named to head up" what would be an unconstitutional 2024 re-election campaign for Donald Trump.Mr Huckabee, father of former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, made the explosive claim in a pair of tweets on Thursday afternoon in which he also said the US president was "eligible" for a third term due to congressional investigations into him.

Washington state seeks to ban sale of 'assault weapons,' high capacity magazinesIf successful, Washington would become the seventh U.S. state to ban assault weapons, which it defines as semi-automatic rifles with at least one military feature, and the ninth to limit the capacity of ammunition magazines. "We should be making it harder for those who want to inflict mass violence and destruction upon innocent people," Governor Jay Inslee said in announcing the gun-control push.

Pakistan throws 'treason' charges at 250 lawyers for treason in hospital assaultPakistan on Thursday leveled “treason” charges against 250 lawyers who were part of a mob that stormed a hospital in the eastern city of Lahore the previous day, kicking and punching doctors and staff and trashing equipment and property, police said.

Buyer Beware: India's Russian-Made Aircraft Carrier Was A Hunk Of JunkBut it was better than nothing.

Yang says massive ad buys by Bloomberg and Steyer are 'going to be a dud'Businessman Andrew Yang cast skepticism on the recent massive ad-buys by billionaire Democratic rivals Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer Thursday morning.

George P. Bush says GOP can't let 'racist' episodes slideRepublican George P. Bush, the only member of the Bush dynasty still in public office, condemned Thursday recurring episodes of what he described as racist or hateful rhetoric within the Texas GOP, and ripped what he called false accusations fanned by his Hispanic heritage. Bush, Texas' land commissioner, first denounced a white GOP state legislator who suggested “Asian" challengers on the ballot in 2020 were motivated by race.

Rashida Tlaib deletes tweet falsely blaming Jersey City shooting on 'white supremacy'Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) deleted a tweet Thursday morning in which she falsely credited Tuesday's deadly shooting at a kosher deli in Jersey City, New Jersey to "white supremacy" when in fact, the suspected shooters were reportedly Black Hebrew Israelites.Tlaib deleted the post just minutes after it went up, but not before close observers were able to nab a screenshot. It didn't take long for the tweet to spread among influential political commentators, especially conservatives, like Dinesh D'Souza, who retweeted a post calling out the congresswoman's blunder.The shooting in the Jewish community in Jersey City left six people dead, including a police officer. Investigators say one of the suspects posted anti-Semitic and anti-police sentiment online, noted The Associated Press. Two of the civilian victims, Mindy Ferencz and Moshe Deutsch, were reportedly members of the Orthodox Jewish community in the neighborhood. Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop announced on Wednesday that the massacre was a "hate crime" against Jews. Fulop stated there is reason to believe that the deli was a premeditated target, though investigators have not confirmed details about the suspects' motives.Tlaib has yet to comment in response to the called-out deleted tweet.More stories from theweek.com Trump's pathological obsession with being laughed at The most important day of the impeachment inquiry Jerry Falwell Jr.'s false gospel of memes

Bulletproof vest did not fail in fatal shooting of Houston police officer, chief saysHouston Police Chief Art Acevedo says body armor didn't fail Sgt. Christopher Brewster, who was killed while responding to a domestic violence call

U.S. reaches deal in principle on trade with China: sourceThe United States has reached a "phase-one" trade deal in principle with China, a source briefed on talks between the two nations said on Thursday, saying a statement from the White House was expected soon. Ahead of the meeting, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told senators that announcements were possibly "imminent" on U.S. tariffs, senior Republican Senator John Cornyn told reporters. U.S. negotiators have offered to reduce tariffs on about $375 billion in Chinese goods by 50% across the board, two people familiar with the negotiations said, and suspend tariffs on $160 billion in goods scheduled to go into effect on Sunday.

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